It’s all Happening!…….January 2012


The first week of the New Year and all the rushing about at the end of last year pays off and we open up The Strand Gallery with YouYou Mentoring‘s ‘Close Up – Discovering Hidden Talent’. The local BBC news pick up on it and run a piece at 6pm, which brings lots of people in. George Muigua is great in front of the camera, as are the brilliant Andy Fallon and Brix Stuart-Smith. Andy is one of Britain’s most well known and respected rock photographers and also a YouYou mentor. The images he took, with his mentees are on display, as are those of Scarlet Paige’s mentees. Scarlet Paige, (daughter of Jimmy Paige), is also a major name in rock photography, as well as always being a pleasure to meet.

For a cold and windy night in the first week of the New Year, the private view is a great success and YOUYOU gets plenty of mentions in the press.

Shifting Perspectives is not far off, so I am trying to get ahead of the game and am travelling all over the country taking photographs of people with Down syndrome, who are in employment. (As well as sorting out prints, frames and text for all the other photographers) I go up to Norwich to see the delightful and extraordinairy Brogan, who works at Norwich Hospital. Full time, five days a week delivering mail around the hospital.

I spend a great morning with her and then rush off to Holkam Beach and shoot a few sheets of 5×4 for my ashes project, which is starting to take shape. More of that later!

The Shifting Perspectives exhibition has been in Doncaster for the last three months and now it is time to take it down. The Point have really made use of it, with local schools and photography students creating work around it. The space has also been used for health professional to have meetings in. The comments book is jam packed with positive words.

The Point, Doncaster

Fergus Henderson of St.John…….December 2011


Brenda Ramsey was in touch again and it would now appear that I am a trustee of YOUYOU Mentoring. We are talking about doing an exhibition of all the work taken by the photography Mentees. Alex Proud has offered us The Strand Gallery for the first week in January. Alex is a great supporter, not only of YOUYOU, but also the Down’s Syndrome Association and has often let us have space in his galleries. Thank you Alex.

Myself and George Miuga, one of my original mentees take a trip to the newly opened St.John Hotel in Leicester Square to take photographs of Fergus Henderson. Fergus is wonderfully affable, helpful and very game. We have asked for the (obligatory) pigs head and he gives of his time freely and we get some wonderful shots.

Jo Turpin comes along and shoots a beautiful little film as well.

In the meantime hang Shifting Perspectives work in Doncaster at The Point.

Fergus Henderson, St. John Hotel, London W1

Fergus Henderson, St. John Hotel, London W1

All images ©Richard Bailey

The Dublin Arts Council, Ohio, USA…….November 2011


A lovely and very charismatic man called Lito Ramirez called earlier in the year to see if we could bring Shifting Perspectives to the USA. Well, of course we could. After speaking to the Dublin Arts Council, they asked whether I would come out for the week to take part in talks and workshops. Well, of course I could.

HERE is a lovely short video produced by the local e-arts channel, which has a bit of me taking photographs of the locals and below is a quote from David Guion the charming Director of the gallery.

‘Shifting Perspectives 2011 was the most successful exhibition that we have had at DAC. I think the impact is still felt in myriad ways. It would be so great to build on the 2011 exhibition and continue to raise awareness of Down syndrome.’

In the meantime I have been doing some nice work the lovely people at the University of Gloucester and also the RNIB.

I have also been moving on from DARWIN’S PIGEONS (Fancy Pigeons) and taking some shots of other birds…….

All photographs ©Richard Bailey

GlaxoSmithKline…….October 2011


GlaxoSmithKline have been sponsoring the Shifting Perspectives exhibition for the last seven years and have been absolutely fantastic. In fact more than fantastic! With their support not only have we been able to produce some wonderful pieces of work on all aspects of Down syndrome, but we have also been able to take the work to over 40 different venues in over 12 different countries. Plus….a website,, and the My Perspectives competition. We also have an iPad app thanks to Bright Machine.

The amount of feedback and beautiful comments I receive from people who have seen the exhibition really makes it all worthwihile. GSK’s very generous funding finishes at the end of 2012. I have spent an awful lot of time over the last seven years on this project, and won’t be able to let it end just like that. I feel like we are just starting to get the work out their, so will have to look at ways to make it continue into the future.

In the meantime a great big thank you to GlaxoSmithKline and especially Katie Pinnock.

Meantime I have been doing some quite nice work for Middlesex University’s new Art College brochure.

All photographs ©Richard Bailey

Hungary, Vermeer and The World Photography Organisation…….September 2011


I had a call from a lady in Hungary asking if we could take the exhibition over to Hungary. Well, of course we could.

I had all the boards for the outdoor exhibition translated into Hungarian and also had boards for inside a mall and for the cities medical university made up. Renata and her husband had recently had a child with Down syndrome and as their was no national group, she decided to start one. It is called AngelHeart Down Foundation. To launch the foundation she used the Shifting Perspectives exhibition to get lots of publicity and has now taken it to at least four cities around Hungary, including Budapest. Last year I did something similar for a group in Turkey. Three energetic ladies were starting up a group, so we took them the outdoor exhibition which they proceeded to take on a tour around Istanbul and these are the places I would like the work to be seen.

I hear from the World Photography Organisation that my work ‘Sarah_after_Vermeer’ has been chosen by the curator Elisabeth Biondi to be exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York.

And I ran my first Triathlon….!!?

And I have been doing some nice work with Illy and the University of Gloucester.

The outdoor exhibition, Debrecen, Hungary

The outdoor exhibition, Debrecen, Hungary

Me talking to the local news.

All photographs ©Richard Bailey

My Perspective…….August 2011



Alongside the Shifting Perspectives exhibition we also run a photography competition called My Perspective, which is just for people with Down syndrome. The awards ceremony was held at The Orangery in Kew Gardens, on a beautiful evening. The prizes were donated by Olympus UK and the winner this year was David Cormack. David will go on to take a series of images which will be exhibited alongside the Shifting Perspectives photographers work at the gallery@oxo next March.

David Cormack’s winning ‘My Perspective’ image.

Glenda Jackson, Louis Theroux and YouYou Mentoring…….June 2011


Brenda May Ramsey came over to see me earlier in the year to talk about a new charity she was starting called YouYou Mentoring, and did I want to be involved. Sure, why not. So four young kids came along and throughout this month I taught them a bit about lighting and stuff, and we went off to photograph Louis Theroux, Glenda Jackson and Gavin Turk.

It’s tough starting a charity, but Brenda is really putting her heart and soul into it, so hats off to her. Here are a few photos my bright young mentees have taken.

Louis Theroux by Lauren Pratt

Gavin Turk by Lauren Pratt

Glenda Jackson by George Miuga

Brilliant photographers…….May 2011



A little while ago I met a lady who runs a model agency for people with varying ‘disabilities’, called VisAble. She mentioned that I should put my daughter Billie-Jo (who has Down’s syndrome) on her books. I did and she got her first job this month. It was a shoot, at our house, for the NSPCC by the photographer David Gillander. It was really interesting talking to David and hearing about his most recent work. I could go on all day about what a brilliant photographer I think he is, but if you use the links below you can see his extraordinairy journalistic work and  his recent work using an old plate camera and processes. Wonderful, wonderful work!

You can see his wet plate work here:

and his journalistic work here:

I have mostly been sorting out my ’66 Vespa Sprint for the summer and getting a bit of exercise in. We cycled from Southwark to Hampton Court, crossing over every bridge in between. About 33miles and good fun.

Here is a picture of my daughter Billie-Jo, by my wife Fiona Bailey, who is another brilliant photographer.

Image ©Fiona Bailey

Sony World Photography Awards…….April 2011



I really did enjoy it.

My pictures of ‘Sarah_After_Vermeer’ are everywhere at the moment, as part of the World Photography Organisation publicity. The awards evening comes around and it is a proper red carpet affair at the Odeon Leicester Square. We are sat in the second row, just behind Bruce Davidson who is up for a lifetime achievement award. Everyone in black tie and all dolled up.

The images were projected up on to the impossibly vast screen, as big as a house, and they played ‘You are beautiful’ by James Blunt behind my images of Sarah. (Adam Hinton came first in the advertising category with his Manfrotto campaign.) Then off to Somerset House to have a look at the exhibition and have a drink or two. All very, very nice.

I have recently been doing some work for a friend of mine, Gordon Kennedy. Gordon was in Absolutely in the 80’s and you will also have seen him recently as Little John in Robin Hood. Amongst other things he is now producing radio plays and I have been taking a few snaps. This one I liked of Russ Abbott, who was playing Tommy Cooper in ‘Chair Glass, Glass Chair’.

I say ‘Just like that’.

All photographs ©Richard Bailey

“Here I Am’, ‘End of life’ and Shifting Perspectives…….March 2011



For the past seven years I have been organising and curating a photographic exhibition called Shifting Perspectives, which deals with all aspects of Down syndrome. Every year in March we have an exhibition at the gallery@oxo on the South Bank in London, which showcases the new work that has been produced. This year proves to be extra special with some fabulous images.

Running just before, we also put up a show at The Reading Room in Soho, and have a wonderful preview night with Sarah Gordy and family in attendance.

I am currently working within the NHS on a project they are calling ‘End of Life Care’, which deals with all issues surrounding this area. It gets me thinking about what happens when we die, whether we want to be buried or cremated and what happens to the ashes if we are cremated. It is clearly very important, to the people left behind anyway, what happens to the ashes and I decide to start another project called – ‘Here I am’. I start collating stories about locations where ashes have been scattered and more importantly why. I decide there has to be a ‘significant’ story about the scattering. Let me know if you have one!!

All photographs ©Richard Bailey