Exhibitions On The South Bank and Rough Sleeping……March 2013


It’s no good, I need to keep the update of this blog… up to date!

March was mad, (of course it was), but I’ll try to keep it all brief.

It was (possibly) the last ever Shifting Perspectives exhibition at thegallery@oxo on the SouthBank. And it was BIG, and I mean capital letters BIG! We had the main gallery and the outdoor space and THREE floors of The Bargehouse.

The opening night was great and everyone was completely loved up as usual. At the same time, thanks to Maiko Watanabe, there was a Shifting Perspectives exhibition held in Osaka, Japan.

I have spent eight years on this project, so it REALLY was quite emotional to see the majority of the work on display in the same place, AND to think that it could all come to an end as the funding from GlaxoSmithKline has finished. But…. people are still calling up and wanting to show the work, so I have decided to form a Community Interest Company and go looking for funding. We shall see.

If you scroll down a bit you will see a short little video which gives you a speeded up view of the size and scope  of the exhibition.

St.Mungo’s are great at helping the homeless and I always enjoy working with them. We spent a day walking the streets of London shooting for a rough sleepers campaign. The chaps who ‘modelled’ for us were great and the images proved to be very powerful.

And, this month I have been with my wonderful, beautiful and talented wife…… for 26 years. Just saying.

St.Mungo's Rough Sleepers Campaign

St.Mungo's Rough Sleepers Campaign