Instagram exhibitions….and parties!…….May 2013


My very clever wife Fiona, has an exhibition at the Artisan Gallery, at the end of our road. We got together 26 years ago, whilst studying for a degree in Photography at Westminster University. (or as it was known then, Harrow College of Higher Education).

Our year was pretty impressive, with some VERY talented photographers and film makers emerging.

Zed Nelson, Dan Burn-Forti, Lewis Mulatero, David Harrison, Adam Lawrence on the photography side and Mark Payne Gill  (wildlife film maker) Anand Tucker (Hollywood Director baby!!) and Jonathon Teplitsky on the film making side, to name just a few, with many others in the industry.

And that includes Fiona who has always been involved with photography and works as a freelance Art Buyer at Ad agencies. Last year she re-ignited her passion for photography, by taking a photo a day on her iPhone and uploading the results to Instagram. She really does have something and you can see the results HERE: Fiona’s 366

The exhibition was a good excuse for a  Private View and party, with everyone back to ours for more drinks! Can’t say fairer than that…..

Dungeness train

Me & Cyd



Easter, Hillingdon

Daniel Diving

Cyd Jumping

Ceiling Helicopter


Cyd & Dan on way to school