I Don’t Care…….November 2013



Our good friend Carolina Giammetta wrote and directed a short film ‘about’ Down’s syndrome and the choices people make, called ‘I Don’t Care’, which she shot at our house earlier in the year.  The film isn’t about us, but more about how she has come to see Down’s syndrome through her relationship with us and other people she knows who have children with Down’s syndrome. In fact, her main inspiration was the Shifting Perspectives exhibition.

Our daughter Billie-Jo was one of the actors and it is a VERY moving, beautifully shot and directed film, with wonderful acting.

There was a cast and crew screening at the Warner Bros. offices in Soho, where we got to see it on a big screen and it really is beautiful!

She is taking it to all the festivals, so it can’t be seen online at the moment, but here is a link to a snippet of behind the scenes.

I Don’t Care snippet of behind the scenes!

My pigeons are making a come back, with quite a lot of interest, in articles and print sales, so I have decided to have a look at ‘crowd-funding’ to get the book published.

I have it all ready to go, but will wait until the New Year, before ‘going for it’!!

Watch this space.

Here they are hanging at This is Dare, an ad agency in Soho.

The kids are swimming and then swimming a bit more. We are gala’s and more gala’s and then another gala…..sweltering on the side of the pool, for a race that lasts a couple of minutes……. but you know we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

IDC POSTER V 2 medium

Pigeons at thisisdare