Pigeons going viral, very bright kids and Siadwell…….February 2014


It’s my birthday and as a little treat my Darwin’s Pigeons pop-up in The Guardian and then in The Daily Mail online………..and THEN it goes mental and they are EVERYWHERE.

Sites like lostininternet and KickassThings picked it up and suddenly the article is all over the internet. Quite nice really!

I do a lot of work for various Universities, including the School of Oriental and African Studies and I’m used to taking photographs of students, but the kids at SOAS are SUPER bright. Only just into their twenties and already they have achieved an awful lot.

One young chap from Romania had already spent a year volunteering in Denmark and half a year in Egypt learning arabic and arabic instruments. One young lady was studying Korean and Chinese and had spent a year in China. Whilst there she had appeared as a contestant on Chinese X factor, singing in Mandarin, as well as presenting programmes on Beijing television.

Very bright kids and a pleasure to be around.

And then there was Siadwell!

You may remember Siadwell from the mid-eighties programmes Naked Video and Absolutely. Siadwell would sit on the end of his bed, in his green parka, sniffing and telling us about the woes of his day, reciting a poem or talking about his biro collection.

Well Siadwell (aka John Sparkes) is making a comeback and I was on hand to stand him in a puddle and take some gloriously daft photographs of him.

Still making me chuckle now.

Darwin's Pigeons, The Guardian

Darwin’s Pigeon’s in The Guardian

Students:RB:13 (187)

Students:RB:13 (121)

Aishah Piprawala:Choose MDX:RB:14 (27)

Semhar Haile:RB:14 (30)

Selja Annikki Ryoppy:RB:14 (9)


Siadwell_Absolutely_RB_14 (55)


Siadwell_Absolutely_RB_14 (60) copy


Siadwell_Absolutely_RB_14 (199) copy

Siadwell in a puddle

Memory, Loss and 100 year old’s…….January 2014


So this is the year that I am going to make real progress in my personal projects.

I am doing pretty well, but need some help in finding more subjects……..I need you.


This is a project I started a couple of years ago based around the theme of memory and loss.

I had been working with the NHS on an End of Life project, which entailed talking to people who were near the end of their life and asking them the best way to make things as easy as possible for them. This included what they would like to happen to their bodies after they had passed away.

This got me thinking about where I might like my ashes scattered, but also how and why and where people scatter the ashes of loved ones.

I put out an ‘advert’ asking for some ‘stories’ telling me the reason why people had scattered the ashes of their loved ones in a specific place and the responses that I got back were heart-warming, emotional, funny and poignant.

I have been taking photographs of the locations, which are accompanied by the stories sent in, but I need more.

Have you scattered the ashes of a loved one in a particular place for a particular reason?

Do you know of someone whose ashes were scattered in a particular place for a particular reason?

Please do tell or spread the word.


Working for the RNIB at the end of last year I photographed two wonderful ladies who were 104 & 105 respectively. I know we are an ageing population, but I didn’t know quite how many 100+ year olds were living in England and I naively thought I would photograph all the 100 year olds in the UK.

Turns out there are……..over 12’000 in England and Wales.

So, maybe I won’t photograph all of them, but I have set myself a 100, 100 year olds. (I know there are other people out there photographing 100 year old’s…..but I want to do it as well!)

Do you have a Grandma or Grandpa, mum or dad, who wouldn’t mind being photographed and interviewed?

Please do tell or spread the word.

Here I Am_The Mendips

Here I Am_The Mendips

Here I Am_Holkam Beach

Here I Am_Holkam beach

Here I Am_Brighton Nudist Beach

Here I Am_Brighton Nudist beach


Gwen – 104 years old

DSC_4957 copy

Marie – 102 years old