‘Hear my voice’ campaign, piglets and dogs…….April 2014


Between various universities, MENCAP and Modern Farmer magazine I am out and about shooting pretty much every day this month.

A very pleasant week is spent in the company of the good people at MENCAP.

We are shooting for their ‘Hear my voice’ campaign. As you are probably aware (from previous posts) my daughter has Down’s syndrome, so this shoot and the work Mencap do is especially important to me.

In the run up to next years general election, this campaign aims to give people with a learning difficulty a voice, so that their concerns can be heard. Along for the ride is the delightful and talented videographer Chantal Scurr who is making the films, which can be seen here: ‘HEAR MY VOICE’

Again I am playing catch up on this blog…….but,

Modern farmer, modern farmer, I do love modern farmer!

Although this month it has been all about the dogs, here are the pigs from earlier on in the year…..

(Wait till you see the cover of the ‘dog issue’!)

Oh, and they are winning awards…

Only one year old and it has already beaten famous titles like Vanity Fair and GQ at the National Magazine Awards, held in New York, to win one of the United States most prestigious print media awards. And the category they won in, just happened to be the section with all my ‘animal portraits’ in.

Very nice too……..

And if you want to see me scrabbling about in a pig pen (sort of) there is a funny little film at the bottom of the page if you click HERE.

Landrace pig

Modern farmer winner article

Modern farmer titles

Tamworth pig

Tamworth pig

Oxford & Sandy Piglet