Did I mention we did it…….March 2015


I don’t think I mentioned we did it?

Well…..we did it.

Darwin’s Pigeons is 100% funded and I am in the process of sorting out the final design and printing of the book. All very exciting and a huge big thank you to all the generous backers on Kickstarter.

I can’t wait to start sending out all the books and prints.

In the meantime……. there was a partial solar eclipse in London. I got all excited, but it was cloudy and all a bit of a damp squib.

I was excited because I have been lucky enough to see two total solar eclipses, one in Northern Paraguay and the other in Cornwall and it is quite the most extraordinary and beautiful thing anyone can witness. You really can imagine our ancestors believing the end of the world had come!

There was the Wellcome Trust photographic awards evening, which as usual was a good do with some great photographs on display. I spent the evening chatting to the winner, Michael Frank, whose images stood out from the crowd as they really are very moving and technically brilliant at the same time.

And there was a bit of fun at the RNIB, for their April Fools campaign.

Guide cats!

We tried to photograph three cats wearing RNIB ‘jackets’ and one on a lead. Great cats…….but not sure the RNIB will be trying to train them up anytime soon!!

And…….the Posh Pigeons keep being used. So far, Tatler Russia, Vogue China and now Vogue Taiwan.

Cats for the blind

Pigeons wearing jewellery

Vogue Tawain

Pigeons wearing jewellery

Vogue Tawain