Japanese Friends, New Websites, Gender Bending Strawberries and Sushi…….May 2015



It was time for a change, so I have updated my website!

Much easier to look at, images can be clearly seen, all round a good move!

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Whilst we were out in Tokyo last March, we met and made many new friends.

One gentleman who came to the Shifting Perspectives exhibition was the renowned photographer and Nikon Ambassador Mr Nabato.

He was so taken by the exhibition that he decided to do some work concerned with Special Needs, so much so that I will be collaborating with him on an exhibition for next year.

When visiting the UK last year he popped in to see us with his assistant Ayumi Kobayashi and her brother Yuki.

Ayumi was back again this year with her wonderful parents to see Yuki’s first one man show and we met up at Sushi-Say, THE best Sushi restaurant in London!!

Yuki Kobayashi is a performance artist currently studying at the Royal College of Art.

His work is amazing, extraordinary, wild, unexpected, strange, everything art should be…….and he will go onto HUGE things in the art world.

(The photos below were not taken by me and are copyright of YUKI KOBAYASHI.)

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – New Gender Bending Strawberry

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – New Gender Bending Strawberry

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – New Gender Bending Strawberry

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – Samurai Prostitute

Nice people and being VisAble…….April 2015


So, I’m running a bit late again and writing this at the beginning of June!

April went by double quick, but nice things happened and nice people were met.

(Quite) A few years ago I published a book called ‘The Road to Glory – A portrait of Britain’s Paralympians‘ and over the years have kept in touch with some of the athletes.

One of them, Kevin Davids decided he wanted to be an actor, so I took a few shots of him and he signed up with VisAble, a model agency run by Louise Dyson.

VisAble only has people with a ‘disability’ of some kind or another on it’s books and Kevin has done well, you may have seen him recently in Coronation Street, where he plays Dave Hanlon.

Louise asked if Billie-Jo would like to go on the books and we thought why not, it could be a bit of a laugh. And it is quite a laugh, because you might have seen Billie-Jo (and me!) in a SKY Movies advert on the TV……..or even several feet high at the cinema!! (Click on link or scroll down.)

And in a roundabout way that is how Leslie Ash called up to see if I would take a few portrait shots of her.

Many of you will remember Leslie from Quadrophenia and ‘Men Behaving Badly’.

She has had a ‘bit of a time of it’ over the last few years, but has a great spirit and it was a real pleasure to spend the day with her.

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash