Nice people and being VisAble…….April 2015


So, I’m running a bit late again and writing this at the beginning of June!

April went by double quick, but nice things happened and nice people were met.

(Quite) A few years ago I published a book called ‘The Road to Glory – A portrait of Britain’s Paralympians‘ and over the years have kept in touch with some of the athletes.

One of them, Kevin Davids decided he wanted to be an actor, so I took a few shots of him and he signed up with VisAble, a model agency run by Louise Dyson.

VisAble only has people with a ‘disability’ of some kind or another on it’s books and Kevin has done well, you may have seen him recently in Coronation Street, where he plays Dave Hanlon.

Louise asked if Billie-Jo would like to go on the books and we thought why not, it could be a bit of a laugh. And it is quite a laugh, because you might have seen Billie-Jo (and me!) in a SKY Movies advert on the TV……..or even several feet high at the cinema!! (Click on link or scroll down.)

And in a roundabout way that is how Leslie Ash called up to see if I would take a few portrait shots of her.

Many of you will remember Leslie from Quadrophenia and ‘Men Behaving Badly’.

She has had a ‘bit of a time of it’ over the last few years, but has a great spirit and it was a real pleasure to spend the day with her.

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

One Comment on “Nice people and being VisAble…….April 2015”

  1. Hope you and Billie-Jo are getting rich from this new career with Sky Movies!


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