Friendships, Climbing mountains and book launches…….May 2106



The Three Peaks are going to be ‘conquered’ this year and I’m dragging the kids along as well.

A snowy Snowdon is the first to go on a wet and rainy day with no visibility at the top, but still lots of people! Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis await, for later in the year.

And then we had the ‘launch’ of Darwin’s Pigeons. It was a lovely do at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, with lots of friends milling around drinking wine and chatting.

Now I just have to sell the book……HERE if you fancy one!

A year or so ago I worked on a campaign with MENCAP called ‘Hear My Voice’.

This month we travelled the UK photographing friends. It can sometimes be hard for people with learning difficulties to make friends, so MENCAP are highlighting this in their campaign. I always enjoy working with MENCAP and it was lovely meeting and taking photographs of the couples. The people we met were lovely and ranged from friends who were non-verbal and communicated through sign language to a lovely couple with Down’s syndrome who had just got engaged.

After all, we all want to laugh with someone, to confide in someone, to share good times and bad times, to hold someone’s hand, to feel wanted.

We all want to love and be loved and it is no different for people with learning difficulties.

The Guardian featured the images which you can see on the link HERE:


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 22.32.07Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 22.32.38

Top of Snowdon 2016

And then just me at the top of a cold Snowdon with a lot of other people…….

Boxer dogs in Paris, Radio plays and Tractography…….March 2016


Well…..we’re now into June, so I’m catching up…….again.

Had a call from an agency in Paris asking if I would like to come over and take some studio photographs of a boxer dog for their client Kleber.

Nipped over on the Eurostar Thursday evening, had a lovely shoot (and lunch) in a great studio on Friday and back home by 9.30 Friday evening.

Animals and Paris…….can’t go wrong, hashtag smiley face!

The annual Wellcome Image Awards ceremony and private view came around again.

I particularly like this competition as the photography is quite different from what I usually look at or take, so is always very interesting, and they always put on a good ‘do’.

Just a quick note to say that it is always a good idea to read your invite…….after turning up at the Wellcome trust on Euston road where it is usually held, we had to quickly jump in a cab to the Science Museum in Kensington.

The winning image is of the nerve fibres in the brain and is quite beautiful in every way and used an imaging technique called ‘tractography’. No, me neither.

Have a look for yourself here: WELLCOME IMAGE AWARD WINNERS 2016

My good friend Gordon Kennedy called up and asked me to take a few portraits of the actors in his latest ABSOLUTELY  radio production, The Break by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.

Starring Alison Steadman, Mark Benton, Shobna Galati, Rasmus Hardier, Tom Palmer and Philip Jackson it is out now on Radio 4, which you can catch up with here: THE BREAK

Comellink_Kleber_Chien_RB_16 (490 of 504)

B0010280 Healthy human brain from a young adult, t

Credit: Alfred Anwander, MPI-CBS. Wellcome Images

The Wellcome Image Award winner 2016