Hadrian’s wall, Festivals and Schnoodle Puppies …….August 2016




Who doesn’t want to walk 86 miles coast-to-coast In 7 days…….

As soon as the school holidays end we all head up to Newcastle and start an adventure, walking from Tynemouth in the East to Barrow in Furness in the West, coast-to-coast along the route of Hadrian’s wall.

Through rain and shine, towns and bullock filled fields, beautiful English meadows and ancient woods, up hills and past Roman forts, spectacular countryside and history at every step, we finish up in Barrow seven days later and can tick off a quite wonderful adventure.

Something an 11 and 13 year old will remember fondly and a 17 year old who has Down’s syndrome can be extremely proud of. (I cannot even explain how proud I am of Billie-Jo completing the walk and with blisters!)

I would recommend it to everyone, especially the middle section where the wall is visible.

A few days after returning from Hadrian’s Wall, we pack up and head off to the Wilderness Festival. We had such a good time last year we are joined by some old school friends and their families. Great music, swimming in the lake, great food and most of all great company, made it a wonderful long weekend.

And if that wasn’t enough at the end of August we went off to the Welsh House in WalesNear Cardigan and ended up coming back with a little black welsh Schnoodle puppy! A long story that involved telling the kids that if they could find a breeder of Schnoodles then we might, sometime in the future, possibly, think about getting a dog. The Welsh house is supposed to have NO INTERNET, but clearly there was a chink in the sky, because the middle child finds the internet and a breeder of Schnoodles, who just happens to live a few miles from the cottage AND who just happens to have three puppies, who just happen to have had their injections are ready to go.

Well, it was going to happen and as you can see below, who could possibly resist………..



I Can Dance…….July 2016


The month starts off with a trip up to the Arts Depot in Finchley, to help Fiona hang her exhibition. Our daughter Billie-Jo, who has Down’s syndrome, attends a group called ‘I can Dance’ every Saturday morning and has done so for many years now.

It is a wonderful group that allows young people with a variety of disabilities, some quite profound, to express themselves through dance. More than that, it allows them to be comfortable around their peers.

Fiona is a trustee of the charity that runs the programme and has recently been taking photographs of the dancers with their mothers. The images are accompanied by quotes that have been taken from interviews that Tamara Pollack, Fiona’s friend and mother of one of the other dancers has conducted.The exhibition coincided with the annual ‘I can dance’ show, which is very emotional and has us all reaching for the hankies!

At the moment the working title for the series is: ‘…….and then came I can dance’, and I think that the images are simply quite beautiful. They will be featured on ShutterHub soon and I have posted below images from four of the stories.

And Fiona’s website is here: Fiona Bailey