Pinker-ian, Pinker-ist, Pinker-ton, Pinker-fan, Pinker-ism…….December 2017




The Spanish newspaper El Mundo called up to see if I could nip into central London to take a few portraits of a chap called Steven Pinker.

I sat in on the interview and can’t claim to understand everything he said (!!), but I do know that most of it made sense and it was a real treat just to listen to such an intelligent eloquent man. Turns out Steven Pinker is one of the great thinkers of our time.

I think I might be a Pinker-ian!


Steven PinkerSteven PinkerSteven PinkerSteven Pinker

Suits, The City and Graduates…….November 2017


I do a fair bit of  photography for companies in The City and had an enjoyable few days taking photographs of the young graduates who had just joined Dechert.

A cool building in the city, cool looking graduates, great team to work with, makes it all good fun.


Dechert_London_Aug 17_RB2_230Dechert_London_Aug 17_RB2_336Dechert_London_Aug 17_RB2_214Dechert London_Aug 17_RB_095Dechert London_Aug 17_RB_021Dechert London_Aug 17_RB_245