Turkeys, Chanting and Druids…….December 2018



It has been a pretty busy and fun year!

To end it off a trip to Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice and 19 round our kitchen table for Christmas dinner.

The Solstice at Stonehenge I LOVE!

I love being a part of a tradition that stretches back thousands of years, I love being able to touch the stones, I love being there when the sun rises over the horizon and imagining all the people who have travelled there from all around the UK and Europe, over all those Millenia, to do exactly the same thing, I love the weird and wonderful characters, I love the sound of the drums and the singing and the chanting, I love seeing the ‘druids’ wandering around, I love being there with my family…….I just LOVE it!


stonehenge winter solstice 2018_01stonehenge winter solstice 2018_02stonehenge winter solstice 2018_03stonehenge winter solstice 2018_04stonehenge winter solstice 2018_05


Turkey’s on Copas Farm and me talking to them!

I was shooting something for Die Zeit and Getty at a Turkey farm just up the M40 called Copas Farms. I haven’t eaten meat for over thirty years and stopped mainly because I was appalled at the treatment of the farmed animals and the overall commercialisation of the meat industry.

However, had I seen a farm like Copas, where the birds are organic and free-range, left outside to roam and are guarded from foxes by Alpacas, I may well have re-considered. A Copas Turkey was on our Christmas table and everybody said it was the best tasting Turkey ever!

Portrait of an organic free range TurkeyPortrait of an organic free range TurkeyPortrait of an organic free range TurkeyOrganic, free range Turkeys on a farm in EnglandOrganic, free range Turkeys on a farm in England



Chickens, Ducks and Cocks…….November 2018



A quick trip up to The National Poultry Show in Telford to take a few portraits of the finest poultry in Europe!

The White Campbell Drake has already ended up in the Die Zeit ‘You Look How I Feel’ section.

Die Zeit newspaper, 'You Look How I Feel'

White Campbell DrakeDutch Bantam CockerelEast Indian DrakeGold laced Polish ChickenGold Silkie ChickenBrahma ChickenRouen DrakeYoung TurkeyWhite Campbell DrakeYokohama female PulletDutch Bantam Cockerel