You Look How I feel…….March 2019



Die Zeit run a weekly feature in their newspaper of an animal with the headline ‘You look, How I feel’.

I have had about 10 of my images used over the last year or so, some of which are below.

And I had a nice email from the International Color Awards to say my portrait of a Peregrine Falcon was a finalist in the animal category of the awards. (It didn’t win, but still nice.)


Belgian HareTortoiseDie Zeit newspaper, 'You Look How I Feel'Sad little OwlAngry OwlDIE ZEITDuck copyCurly Rat copyColor Awards

Billie-Jo, Aperol Spritz and Good Luck…….February 2019



Here we go again, playing catch up and writing this in April!

February was a bit well….February, so here are some photos of my perfect Billie-Jo.

I have recently done a podcast and also taken part in a Netflix documentary with her and as we have just been going through some of her phone photos and picked a few out, I thought I would post them.

She particularly liked the one of her and her boyfriend George and the film of me with bird poo on my head! I was always told it is good luck if a bird poo’s on you and I’m sticking with that!




Charities, Podcasts, Chatting and Stuff……January 2019




I have always enjoyed working for charities and early this month I headed up to Manchester with the wonderful team from Consider Creative to see the ground breaking research the British Heart Foundation is funding. I’m glad that there are people like Dr Adam Greenstein out there toiling away to find the answers and cures to the worst diseases and conditions out there.

It is also the Down’s Syndrome Association’s 50th birthday next year and I have had a couple of meetings with them about what we can do to mark the date and one of the suggestions was for me to do a podcast. Well, never one to turn down a new experience I gave it a go and you can hear the first series here, where I speak to three young adults who have Down’s syndrome and two parents of children who have Down’s syndrome.

One of the people I talk to is my daughter Billie-Jo, we just have a bit of a chat about life and stuff. It is pretty good fun and not too long either, which is always good!

Have a listen here: