Sultans, Elephants, Brexit and Trump…….April 2019



I love a good protest march and there have been plenty to go on recently.

April was particularly busy.

At the beginning of April came the news that Brunei was passing a law that would punish gay sex and adultery by stoning to death.

The celebs had come out calling for a boycott of the Sultan of Brunei’s hotels and not being a regular at The Dorchester, the next best thing would be to stand outside and shout that in this day and age this is not acceptable.

Looking online to see if anybody was heading down there I saw something for the Saturday, the kids were all at dance etc on the day, so I called up my brother in law to see what he was up to.

A small but vocal group made themselves heard and along with the global condemnation, at the time of writing Brunei have backed down from this draconian and medieval law.

I took a few selfies with my brother in law and I’m sure people were thinking ‘well they make quite the odd couple’!!!

Anti-Trophy hunting.

Next up was the anti-trophy hunting march.

Nothing depresses me more or makes me sadder than when a photograph pops up on social media of a hunter proudly standing over the freshly murdered corpse of a lion, giraffe, elephant, bear etc.

I can’t comprehend it at all.

People will say these wealthy hunters are injecting money into the community by shooting these animals.

Well, I would say don’t shoot the animals just put the money straight into the community.

The kids and Fi came with me on this one and another small but vocal group made clear their views.

There was only one awkward point when we were all outside Downing Street. A Pro-Brexit march came trudging down Whitehall toward us. I stood looking disapprovingly at them as they walked past, until they started shouting ‘good on you’, well done’ and ‘completely agree’, at which point I had to raise a weak smile and even gave one of them a thumbs up…… !

Extinction Rebellion

Our kids had bunked off school a few weeks before and been on the youth Eco march and then we had the Extinction rebellion guys organising a protest London has never seen before.

Massive disruption and yet still Non-violent!

Fiona and I grabbed some bikes and cycled down to Marble Arch, along to Oxford Circus, down to Parliament Square where we had some free pasta served up by the Hare Krisnas and then along to Westminster bridge.

I found it quite moving to see how many young people were involved.

The people sat down in the middle of the road who were being arrested were thanking the police for doing a great job!     (And not in a sarcastic or antagonistic way.)

I went down a few times and from the amount of people who were tidying up the litter, the people cooking free food to the volunteer lawyers it was a wonderful and very important protest.


The orange buffoon is coming back to England in June, so no doubt there will be some funny chants and placards on a march through London and other towns in Great Britain, showing how much we in the UK disapprove of this awful man.

At the time of writing he has been and gone. The march wasn’t as big as last time, probably because it was wet and mid-week, but there was still a good turn out.

He of course, didn’t see anybody and any protests there were, were ‘political’ and fake news!!

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