Darwin’s Pigeons, Exhibitions and Utah…….October 2015


And…….we are in October…….!

The advance copies for my book Darwin’s Pigeons were delivered and they look GREAT!

Very excited to get them all here and send them out to all the good people from Kickstarter who have backed the project.

They will arrive in the UK on the 7th December and are available for pre-sale here:


A beautiful book for £15.00, perfect Xmas present if I say so myself!!

In the meantime, I am having a box shipped out to Utah.

Why Utah you may ask…….

Well, a little while ago The Natural History Museum of Utah called up to see if they could use some of my images for an exhibit they are currently staging, on the work Charles Darwin conducted with pigeons.

It is one of their most successful exhibits and they are extending it to the beginning of May 2016.

Here are a few snaps they kindly sent over to me:

Natural Histroy Museum of Utah, Darwin's Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah, Darwin’s Pigeons exhibition

Natural Histroy Museum of Utah Darwin's Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah Darwin’s Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah Darwin's Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah Darwin’s Pigeons exhibition

Natural Histroy Museum of Utah Darwin's Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah Darwin’s Pigeons exhibition

Natural Histroy Museum of Utah Darwin's Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah Darwin’s Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah, Darwin's Pigeons exhibition

Natural History Museum of Utah, Darwin’s Pigeons exhibition


Darwin, Books, Greenpeace and Calendars…….September 2015


August merges swiftly into September and new challenges, opportunities and experiences arrive.

The children move onto college and ‘big’ school, the times they are a changing.

My book Darwin’s Pigeons is hovering around getting close and then swooping off again.

You can order it here: ORDER DARWIN’S PIGEONS BOOK

I eventually get my introduction and foreword sorted and am very excited that Prof. Mike D. Shapiro is writing the foreword.

Back in 2009 my images were used in the New York Times to illustrate an article about the work Mike was doing on pigeon genetics, so it is really apt that he is attached to the book.

That is all good, BUT…… the printers are not sending the right wet proofs, so they have to be sent back, we will get there…….I have faith.

In the meantime I mentioned to you about the shoot in Germany a month or so ago.

Well, it was a shoot for German Greenpeace Magazine calendar.

They have kindly sent me a few (boxes) and they look pretty good too.

I don’t want any of the calendars left around, so the first five people who comment below, I will work out a way of sending one to each of you.

You can also buy copies of the calendar here: GERMAN GREENPEACE CALENDAR PHOTOGRAPHED BY ME!

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

German Greenpeace Magazine Calendar 2016

Summer, Festivals, Tomatoes and Pasta…….August 2015


So I’m back at it and posting this late.

( In fact we are in November now…..)

But, we can’t forget about August, because it was FUN!

Summer holidays for the kids, so when the sun did shine we made the most of it. Paddling pool in the garden, trips to the South Bank and holidays.

The Wilderness Festival was wonderful.

Set in the grounds of Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire, there is a lake where we went swimming every day and basically let the kids roam wild whilst we hung out with friends, listened to music, ate and drank.

It was that good, you will probably see us there again next year.

A bit more of the Capital Ring was walked and we ended up in Crystal Palace.

The Capital Ring is lovely hidden treat, it takes you to places you would never go to (and in some places you would never go back to), but it is always interesting.

And a trip to Tuscany too.

Hilltop villages, ripe tomatoes, pasta a plenty along with pizza, Pisa and wine.

Bellissamo, Perfecto!

Oh and a bit of fun making light trails.

My neighbours son wanted some help with his GCSE photography work and liked the look of light trails. I have never done any light trails before, but looked up how to do it and we headed off to the local park and made these…….

Light trail 2

Light Trail 1

Light trail 1

Light Trail 1


Tourists doing the obligatory! (We took their place when they were done…..! And like the above made sure that our hands didn’t align, rebels!)

Farm Animals, Parrots and Dragons…….July 2015


At the beginning of the year I had a call from a well known environmental charity asking if I would like to shoot their calendar for next year. Of course, I jumped at the chance and spent a very enjoyable four days in Germany taking photographs of rare German farm animals. We spent a night in Hamburg, which is a very cool city. Young and irreverent and full of graffiti!

If you visit you will see a lot of tags of smiley faces, spirals or just ‘Oz’. This tagging was done by the ‘legendary’ Walter Josef Fischer—known in Hamburg as OZ. He had reputedly tagged his name, signature smiley faces and spirals more than 120,000 times around the city since 1977. He died last year at the age of 64, after being hit by a train(!), doing what he loved, tagging.

I can’t show you any of the images from the shoot yet, but they look great and the design of the calendar is great too.

I can though, show you some of the parrots and dragons I have been shooting, and here they are:

Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo_RB_32

A Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo_RB_08

A Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Green Winged Macaw_RB_19

A Green Winged Macaw

Green Winged Macaw_RB_26

A Green Winged Macaw

Ring Necked Parakeet_RB_09

A Ring Necked Parakeet

Ring Necked Parakeet_RB_03

A Ring Necked Parakeet

Black Headed Caique Parrot_RB_14

A Black Headed Caique

Black Headed Caique Parrot_RB_21

A Black Headed Caique

Sun Conure_RB_08

A Sun Conure

Sun Conure_RB_22

A Sun Conure

African Grey Parrot

An African Grey Parrot

Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo_RB_03

A Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Ring Necked Parakeet_RB_15

A Ring Necked Parakeet

Bearded Dragon_RB_45

A Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon_RB_26

A Bearded Dragon and last but not least, and starting to pass a striking resemblance…….

Richard Bailey Portrait

Poets, Perspectives, Triathlons and a Solstice…….June 2015



Well it was a packed month looking back!

First up was the YOUYOU Mentoring ‘I’M A STORY TELLER’ project.

Stars from stage and screen gathered in the the historic home of poet John Keats to lend their support and read short stories and poems penned by young writers, mentored under the YOUYOU Mentoring scheme.

Nyasha Duri, Phoebe Thomson, Olivia Maxwell, Louella Ward and Poppy Turner were beneficiaries of the scheme and had their poems and short stories read by:

Nicholas Pinnock, Charlene White, Leanne Best, Georgina Campbell, Daisy Lewis and Laura Pradelska.

The wonderful Laura Pradelska is a long time supporter of YOUYOU MENTORING and her reading of Nyasha Duri’s beautiful short story is available to listen to on SOUND CLOUD HERE:

Thank you to all those who attended and gave their time, it was a lovely event.

You can see more about the event and about YOUYOU MENTORING HERE: and also HERE: YOUYOUMENTORING

YouYou Mentoring Story teller

Leanne Best, Nicholas Pinnock, Laura Pradelska and Georgina Campbell. (Photo Sam Errington.)

YouYou Mentoring Story teller

                                               (Photo: Chloe Thacker.)


A few days later and we are off to the My Perspectives awards ceremony, held each year at the Orangery in Kew gardens.

This is possibly my favourite night of the year.

Of the 250 entries entered into the competition I am tasked to ‘whittle’ it down to 25 images which are then sent off to a panel of judges to select their favourites. The annual competition is open to anyone with Down’s syndrome and the only rules are that:

1. You must have Down’s syndrome.

2. You must have taken the photograph yourself.

This years entries were outstanding and it was very difficult to edit them down. The eventual winner was David Kenward.

David has entered the competition before with very strong images, so it was great to see him win. You can see more of his work by clicking HERE: David Kenward Facebook page.

Thanks once again to Katie Pinnock and her team at GlaxoSmithKline for their continued support of this competition and the ceremony.

Winning photo by David Kenward

Winning photo by David Kenward

Photo by Klay Green

Photo by Klay Green

Photo by Jabbar Jamil

Photo by Jabbar Jamil

Photo by Carlos Biggeman

Photo by Carlos Biggeman

Photo by Hubert Lawless

Photo by Hubert Lawless

Then the Blenheim Triathlon loomed it’s head, a bit quicker than expected and with my twin brother racing I was going to have to put some effort in, especially as he is now a member of  a ‘tri-club’ and competing in Olympic distance races!

We had great weather and although he did beat me, it was only by a minute and a half, we raised a ton of money for the charity ‘I Can Dance’, so it was a great day all round.

Here we are just before the swim and me on the last leg of the run.

Blenheim Triathlon 2015

Blenheim Triathlon

And then……..there was a trip to STONEHENGE for the Summer solstice!

I hired a 17 seater minibus, filled it with family and friends and headed down to Wiltshire on a Saturday afternoon.

We wandered in and out of the stones, mingled with Druids, hippies and hula hoopers, got about an hour of sleep and then up again to see the sunrise. We were very lucky that there was a ten minute window where the clouds cleared long enough for us to see the sun come over the horizon, before disappearing behind the clouds again.

It was a truly memorable experience, lots of ‘characters’, banging of drums, and there was something really very special about being able to walk in, around, and to touch the actual stones. I think I must be a punk turned hippy, or at least a ‘cynical mystic’!

Stonehenge_Summer Solstice 2015

Stonehenge_Summer Solstice 2015

Stonehenge_Summer Solstice 2015

And it doesn’t stop there, as the following week I was in Hamburg, for a very enjoyable time shooting animals for a Greenpeace calendar…….but that can wait for another time!

Japanese Friends, New Websites, Gender Bending Strawberries and Sushi…….May 2015



It was time for a change, so I have updated my website!

Much easier to look at, images can be clearly seen, all round a good move!

Do go and have a look here:

Go on, go on, go on…….


Whilst we were out in Tokyo last March, we met and made many new friends.

One gentleman who came to the Shifting Perspectives exhibition was the renowned photographer and Nikon Ambassador Mr Nabato.

He was so taken by the exhibition that he decided to do some work concerned with Special Needs, so much so that I will be collaborating with him on an exhibition for next year.

When visiting the UK last year he popped in to see us with his assistant Ayumi Kobayashi and her brother Yuki.

Ayumi was back again this year with her wonderful parents to see Yuki’s first one man show and we met up at Sushi-Say, THE best Sushi restaurant in London!!

Yuki Kobayashi is a performance artist currently studying at the Royal College of Art.

His work is amazing, extraordinary, wild, unexpected, strange, everything art should be…….and he will go onto HUGE things in the art world.

(The photos below were not taken by me and are copyright of YUKI KOBAYASHI.)

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – New Gender Bending Strawberry

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – New Gender Bending Strawberry

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – New Gender Bending Strawberry

Yuki Kobayashi

Yuki Kobayashi – Samurai Prostitute

Nice people and being VisAble…….April 2015


So, I’m running a bit late again and writing this at the beginning of June!

April went by double quick, but nice things happened and nice people were met.

(Quite) A few years ago I published a book called ‘The Road to Glory – A portrait of Britain’s Paralympians‘ and over the years have kept in touch with some of the athletes.

One of them, Kevin Davids decided he wanted to be an actor, so I took a few shots of him and he signed up with VisAble, a model agency run by Louise Dyson.

VisAble only has people with a ‘disability’ of some kind or another on it’s books and Kevin has done well, you may have seen him recently in Coronation Street, where he plays Dave Hanlon.

Louise asked if Billie-Jo would like to go on the books and we thought why not, it could be a bit of a laugh. And it is quite a laugh, because you might have seen Billie-Jo (and me!) in a SKY Movies advert on the TV……..or even several feet high at the cinema!! (Click on link or scroll down.)

And in a roundabout way that is how Leslie Ash called up to see if I would take a few portrait shots of her.

Many of you will remember Leslie from Quadrophenia and ‘Men Behaving Badly’.

She has had a ‘bit of a time of it’ over the last few years, but has a great spirit and it was a real pleasure to spend the day with her.

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

Leslie Ash

Did I mention we did it…….March 2015


I don’t think I mentioned we did it?

Well…..we did it.

Darwin’s Pigeons is 100% funded and I am in the process of sorting out the final design and printing of the book. All very exciting and a huge big thank you to all the generous backers on Kickstarter.

I can’t wait to start sending out all the books and prints.

In the meantime……. there was a partial solar eclipse in London. I got all excited, but it was cloudy and all a bit of a damp squib.

I was excited because I have been lucky enough to see two total solar eclipses, one in Northern Paraguay and the other in Cornwall and it is quite the most extraordinary and beautiful thing anyone can witness. You really can imagine our ancestors believing the end of the world had come!

There was the Wellcome Trust photographic awards evening, which as usual was a good do with some great photographs on display. I spent the evening chatting to the winner, Michael Frank, whose images stood out from the crowd as they really are very moving and technically brilliant at the same time.

And there was a bit of fun at the RNIB, for their April Fools campaign.

Guide cats!

We tried to photograph three cats wearing RNIB ‘jackets’ and one on a lead. Great cats…….but not sure the RNIB will be trying to train them up anytime soon!!

And…….the Posh Pigeons keep being used. So far, Tatler Russia, Vogue China and now Vogue Taiwan.

Cats for the blind

Pigeons wearing jewellery

Vogue Tawain

Pigeons wearing jewellery

Vogue Tawain

Kickstarter, Darwin’s Pigeons…….half way there!

Kickstarter, Darwin’s Pigeons…….half way there!

Well, it is all very exciting.

A third of the way through the ‘life’ of the project and we are half way funded.

But, if the amount pledged is not 100%, then no monies are taken and it is back to the drawing board.

There is only 11 days to go, so if you are able to ‘spread the word’ please do.

Here is the link:

Fancy Pigeon

Very Bright People and Very Funny People…….February 2015


Baroness Helena Kennedy QC is the very bright person


Cydney Scout Bailey is the very funny person!

(Though I’m sure Baroness Kennedy is very funny too.)

SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies is chock full of very clever students and occasionally they get me in to take photographs for their prospectus’, which I thoroughly enjoy.

This time though, they called me in to take a very quick portrait of their President, Baroness Helena Kennedy QCBaroness Kennedy is one of Britain’s most distinguished lawyers. She has spent her professional life giving voice to those who have least power within the system, championing civil liberties and promoting human rights.

I’m a big fan of hers, so it was pleasure to meet her and to take her photograph.

And then…….there is my daughter Cyd.

She makes me laugh all the time, she has funny bones.

I’m always taking photographs of our kids and I particularly liked this one of her shaking her head.

Oh…….and don’t forget I am still looking for ‘pledges’ for my book ‘Darwin’s pigeons’, which I am crowd-funding through Kickstarter.

You can see it here: Darwin’s pigeons book on Kickstarter. 

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

Small girl with blonde hair shaking head

Young girl looking in car window