Hippies, Dippies, Druids and Dancing…….December 2016


The Winter Solstice at Stonehenge last year was a real treat, so I thought why not go again this year!

The weather forecast wasn’t great, but my son was keen to go, the others were not so keen! The opinion was, that if we didn’t see the sunrise it wouldn’t matter, as it was more about the experience.

I couldn’t have agreed more……. so at 4am on a cold wet morning we set off for Wiltshire. Arriving at the new visitor centre at about 6am we joined a few thousand people for the mile walk down to the stones. 

The atmosphere was certainly different this year. Last year there was lots of banging of drums and various druids vying for attention in the circle, whereas this year the ladies in red (?) managed to take over and occupy the centre of the circle. It was a lot calmer. ‘My’ druid from last year, Kevin, was here again. He wasn’t on great form unfortunately and was on his phone for a lot of the time! Apparently he was a bit tired from being at Avebury the previous evening and couldn’t compete with the ladies in red. Shame as we would have joined in with him!

The strange but wonderful accordion playing, dancing, whirligig was there again. I do love him!

During the Winter and Summer Solstice everyone is allowed to walk among the stones. Knowing their history and how ancient they are really does imbue them with a certain energy and so it is quite a treat to be able to touch them.

A cynical mystic, that’s me!

Stonehenge_WInter Solstice_2016_02Winter Solstice, Stonehenge 2016

Stonehenge_WInter Solstice_2016_03Winter Solstice, Stonehenge 2016

Stonehenge_WInter Solstice_2016_04Winter Solstice, Stonehenge 2016

Stonehenge_WInter Solstice_2016_01Winter Solstice, Stonehenge 2016

‘I Don’t Care’…….October 2016


Playing catch up again….as it is now the end of March 2017…….oops!

A couple of years ago our good friend Carolina Giammetta wrote and directed a short film called ‘I Don’t Care’.

The film was conceived after she had visited one of our Shifting Perspectives exhibitions and was particularly taken by a couple of the photographers work, including Fiona’s images of Billie-Jo titled, ‘I Don’t Care’.

The film isn’t about us, but more about how she has come to see Down’s syndrome through her relationship with us and other people she knows who have children with Down’s syndrome. Our daughter Billie-Jo was one of the actors and it is a VERY moving, beautifully shot (by the brilliant Alfie Biddle) and directed film, with wonderful acting by Andrea Lowe, Jo Hartley and Cavan Clerkin.

She has since shown it at many festivals and it has won LOTS of awards.

A little while ago she called up on a Thursday evening to see if we were available to travel to Belguim on the Saturday to pick up an award for her from The Extraordinary Film Festival…….

So, of course we jumped on the Eurostar and had a lovely time at the film festival.

Here are a few shots of Billie-Jo on stage giving a small speech.

You can now see the film here:

(It is about 15 minutes.)

And here is a behind the scenes trailer with me, the Director, Producer and actors:

Photographs courtesy of Julian ‘Hools’ Hills