Soldier on, Absolutely!…….March 2018



I think I mentioned before we usually only go to the theatre for a birthday or if someone we know is in the play.

Well our friend David Solomon is in Soldier On, so we took ourselves off to The Playground Theatre.

Tucked away on Latimer Road, by Wormwood Scrubs, it’s not somewhere I would have rushed to, but appearances can be deceptive and it is a great place to visit. Very intimate and the perfect space for a play like Soldier On. (There is also a quirky/relaxed bar/pub opposite, where you will probably find the cast of any show heading for post show drinks.)

I won’t tell you what it is all about, but needless to say it was excellent and by now it will probably be making it’s way to the west end.

Go here to check it out…soldier on the play

Still on the acting front here are a few portraits of the cast of The Quanderhorn Xperimentations.

(I am writing this in June so it should be out by now! If not click on the link and add the date to your diary to listen in.)

It is a new sitcom written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall and produced for Radio 4 by Absolutely Productions.


Portrait of John SessionsJohn Sessions

Portrait of Kevin EldonKevin Eldon

Portrait of James FleetJames Fleet

Portrait of Freddie FoxFreddie Fox

Portrait of Cassie LaytonCassie Layton

Portrait of Cassie LaytonCassie Layton