Turkeys, Chanting and Druids…….December 2018



It has been a pretty busy and fun year!

To end it off a trip to Stonehenge for the Winter Solstice and 19 round our kitchen table for Christmas dinner.

The Solstice at Stonehenge I LOVE!

I love being a part of a tradition that stretches back thousands of years, I love being able to touch the stones, I love being there when the sun rises over the horizon and imagining all the people who have travelled there from all around the UK and Europe, over all those Millenia, to do exactly the same thing, I love the weird and wonderful characters, I love the sound of the drums and the singing and the chanting, I love seeing the ‘druids’ wandering around, I love being there with my family…….I just LOVE it!


stonehenge winter solstice 2018_01stonehenge winter solstice 2018_02stonehenge winter solstice 2018_03stonehenge winter solstice 2018_04stonehenge winter solstice 2018_05


Turkey’s on Copas Farm and me talking to them!

I was shooting something for Die Zeit and Getty at a Turkey farm just up the M40 called Copas Farms. I haven’t eaten meat for over thirty years and stopped mainly because I was appalled at the treatment of the farmed animals and the overall commercialisation of the meat industry.

However, had I seen a farm like Copas, where the birds are organic and free-range, left outside to roam and are guarded from foxes by Alpacas, I may well have re-considered. A Copas Turkey was on our Christmas table and everybody said it was the best tasting Turkey ever!

Portrait of an organic free range TurkeyPortrait of an organic free range TurkeyPortrait of an organic free range TurkeyOrganic, free range Turkeys on a farm in EnglandOrganic, free range Turkeys on a farm in England



Chickens, Ducks and Cocks…….November 2018



A quick trip up to The National Poultry Show in Telford to take a few portraits of the finest poultry in Europe!

The White Campbell Drake has already ended up in the Die Zeit ‘You Look How I Feel’ section.

Die Zeit newspaper, 'You Look How I Feel'

White Campbell DrakeDutch Bantam CockerelEast Indian DrakeGold laced Polish ChickenGold Silkie ChickenBrahma ChickenRouen DrakeYoung TurkeyWhite Campbell DrakeYokohama female PulletDutch Bantam Cockerel


Owls, Horses And A New Agent…….October 2018




October gets off to a great start.

I went to see a photographers agent called Mark Gibson, with my animal portraits.

He liked my work, I liked him a lot and now he is representing me!

He has just launched his new website which you can see here:

Mark is great, his website is great, his photographers are all great…….in fact it’s all great!

I am looking forward to working with him and producing some beautiful images of animals…….and of course the odd human.

In the meantime, I have been working on a project with horses and visited some stables in Sussex.

Can’t show you the project images yet, but here are some of the out-takes along with some quite

wonderful owls I also photographed recently.



Jolie…….September 2018



I saw my friend’s daughter the other day looking very cool.

So, I took some portraits of her…….

Studio portrait of a teenage girl of mixed heritage with an afro hairdo.Studio portrait of a teenage girl of mixed heritage with an afro hairdo.Teenage girl of mixed heritage, with afro hair style





Archbishops, Grandma’s, Sheep and Clearing…….August 2018



Arriving back from our trip round Europe, where we had half an hour of rain the whole time we were there, we drive off the ferry into a good old English downpour.

It doesn’t last though and the Summer of 2018 carries on and on and on, and it is wonderful.

Mainly tennis and parties and parties and tennis and Grandma’s 80th birthday parties and carnivals and friends visiting, but also a trip to Brecon in the middle of Wales to take a portrait of The Archbishop of Wales for ULaw.

After the shoot with the Archbishop I thought I might drop in to see a lovely couple that I had met whilst photographing for Modern Farmer magazine. Pat and Graham live on a farm in the shadow of Pen y Fan, in the Brecon Beacons and amongst many animals they had a Maremma sheep dog called Milo, who nearly became a Modern Farmer front cover star. Unfortunately he passed away, but they now have another Maremma called Maizie. A quick phone call and I popped round for a cuppa, to find the last of the sheep being sheared, including an old girl called Betty!

Students all over the country who didn’t quite get the grades they were expecting, (aaagh) were making frantic calls to University Clearing to see if they could get in to the same or the next best Uni. Here are a few online posters shot for the University Of Law Clearing Campaign and also some from their Set For Success campaign.


Archbishop of Wales_ULaw_Set For Success_RB_037 copyArchbishop of Wales_ULaw_Set For Success_RB_059 copyThe Archbishop of Wales

Maizie and Bety....05 copyMaizie and Bety....09 copyMaizie and Bety....14 copyMaizie and Bety....18 copy

ULaw online advertisingULaw online advertisingULaw online advertisingULaw online advertisingULaw online advertisingULaw online advertisingULaw online advertisingULaw online advertising

Football, Dump The Trump, Europe and Pride…….July 2018



Well, July turned out to be a pretty busy month!

The football started and it was great!

After all the years of disappointment, there was no expectation on the team and for a while anyway, the nation was gripped.

I loved all of it and couldn’t get enough.

From Germany, Portugal, Spain and Brazil crashing out, England winning a penalty shoot-out and getting to a semi-final, Neymar rolling and rolling, the Japanese and Senegalese cleaning up the stadiums after themselves, watching the Quarter-finals in a pub off Carnaby Street during Gay Pride, getting worried that we would miss England in the Final because we were off on holiday, driving through a very empty Paris whilst the final was playing and then shouting ‘Vive Le France’ to people hanging out of cars waving the tricolours and honking their horns. LOVED IT!

And marches, I love a march! I love that people are so passionate and/or enthusiastic about something that they bother to turn up and shout about it.

I’ve lived in London for thirty years and to my shame I have never been on a Gay Pride March. I went down this year to take photographs for a company that owns a lot of Carnaby Street and I loved it! What fun, colour and flamboyance! I think it might be a family trip next year.

The next march wasn’t quite such a celebration of life in all its forms; in fact it was the opposite. We didn’t really want Mr Trump visiting us and a good 100’000 people took to the streets of London to show Mr Trump that we don’t like him or his policies. My daughter came along and we met up with friends to shout – ‘Dump the Trump’!

And then it was off to Europe with the family for a four-week drive through seven countries.

Canoeing down the River Cher to see the Chateau Chenonceau, Paragliding over Lake Geneva, Water skiing on Lake Como, seeing the sunrise over St Marks Square in Venice, wonderful colours in Burano, swimming in the Danube in Vienna and the Vlatva in Prague. Early morning walks over Charles Bridge into the Old Town Square and then through Germany via Hannover and finishing with bicycle rides in Amsterdam. Wonderful sights, sounds and experiences, I could do it all again tomorrow.

Pride 2018_RB_606 copyPride 2018_RB_391 copyPride 2018_RB_377Pride 2018_RB_214 copyPride March 2018

Anti-Trump march 2018_11 copyAnti-Trump March 2018

Football nearly came home…..

The Parisians were watching the telly…….

2018-07-21 20.01.26 copyMe andMrs B in Varenna, Lake Como.

2018-07-21 07.45.46 copyJust a picture of Billie-Jo paragliding over Lake Geneva………

2018-07-21 07.52.26 copyAnd just a picture of me paragliding over Lake Geneva! (Note rictus grin and white knuckles…..)

Lollage, Hashtag Hilarious…….

My Perspective, Hills and Triathlons…….June 2018



Following on from the Positive Energies exhibition last month, the Down’s Syndrome Association held their annual photography competition ‘My Perspective’.

The competition is open to anyone with Down’s syndrome and the only rules are that:

1. You must have Down’s syndrome.

2. You must have taken the photograph yourself.

Of the 300 entries entered into the competition I am tasked to ‘whittle’ it down to 25 images which are then sent off to a panel of judges to select their favourites. This years entries were again outstanding and it was very difficult to edit them down. The eventual winner was Emily Buck, who also won the competition in 2016.

Two photographers shared second place – Christopher Diedo with his image ‘Prayer Cards’ and Yasman Ran Balouch’s image ‘Spring Has Arrived’.

The competition is open to people with Down’s syndrome across the world and this year 47 out of the 95 entrants came from outside the UK, with photographs sent from Iran, Canada, USA, Australia and Greece.

Rabobank International UK kindly hosted the event and are also partners with the DSA’s WorkFit programme.

You can see more of the images and the event by clicking HERE.

Apart from that I cycled the London to Brighton bike ride for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I even managed to cycle up every hill, even Ditchling Beacon! It’s busy, but there is a great atmosphere, I might even do it again next year…

And we also swam, cycled and ran round Blenheim Palace for our annual triathlon. I beat my twin brothers time last year, but he has been getting a ‘bit’ of training in  and he beat me by about 15 minutes this year…….must try harder…..


ffff1_Buck,Emily copyEmily Buck – Winner of the My Perspective Photographic competition 2018

bbbb3_RanBalouch,YasamanYasaman RanaBalouch – Runner-up of the My Perspective Photographic competition 2018

xx2_Diedo, Christopher copyChristopher Diedo – Runner-up of the My Perspective Photographic competition 2018

ooo3_Beale,Tim copyTim Beale – Finalist of the My Perspective Photographic competition 2018

ii1_Caccamese,Giuseppe copy

The Blenheim triathlon. It’s a family affair with brother, sister and wife!

Blenheim tro 2018_01Blenheim tro 2018_02Guiseppe Caccamese – Finalist of the My Perspective Photographic competition 2018